7053 W. US Hwy 40
Cumberland, IN 46229

Garden Center Hours
Open Mid March - October
Call 317-894-8446 For Hours

Monday 10am - 5pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

Landscaping Products

In addition to the garden center gift shop, Frady’s provides a large selection of various landscaping products. In addition to manufacturing premium grade A hardwood mulch, Frady’s offers selections of the following landscaping products.

Bullet EdgersBullet Edgers

Cobblestone Edging CurvedCobblestone Edging Curved

Cobblestone Edging StraightCobblestone Edging Straight

Cobblestone PaversCobblestone Pavers

Concord PaverConcord Paver

Concrete Car StopConcrete Car Stop



Crescent EdgersCrescent Edgers

Holland PaversHolland Pavers

Key Block PaversKey Block Pavers

Manchester CapsManchester Caps

Manchester Mini BlocksManchester Mini Blocks

Retaining Wall BlockRetaining Wall Block

Rounded border 16in CurvedRounded border 16in Curved

Rounded border 16in StraightRounded border 16in Straight

Scalloped Edging Corner Inside SmoothScalloped Edging Corner Inside Smooth

Scalloped Edging Corner Outside SmoothScalloped Edging Corner Outside Smooth

Scalloped Edging Curved Rough GrayScalloped Edging Curved Rough Gray

Scalloped Edging Curved Rough RedScalloped Edging Curved Rough Red

Scalloped Edging Curved Smooth GrayScalloped Edging Curved Smooth Gray

Scalloped Edging Curved Smooth RedScalloped Edging Curved Smooth Red

Scalloped Edging Straight RoughScalloped Edging Straight Rough

Scalloped Edging Straight Smooth GrayScalloped Edging Straight Smooth Gray

Scalloped Edging Straight Smooth RedScalloped Edging Straight Smooth Red

Splash Guard 24inSplash Guard 24in

Splash Guard 30inSplash Guard 30in

Splash Guard 36inSplash Guard 36in

Steel EdgingSteel Edging

Used BrickUsed Brick